Sabtu, 05 Maret 2016

Beautiful travelling Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a district with an area of more than 4.5 million hectares, and is located west of the Bird's Head of West Papua. 85% of the district is an ocean, the rest are islands of more than 600 islands. Of the 600 islands, there are four large islands of Misool Island, Island Waigeo, Batanta Island and Salawati Island. In addition to four of the island, only 35 islands in the Raja Ampat Islands are inhabited, the rest are no human settlements. Only about 400 islands in the Raja Ampat Islands-already explored, the rest is still not touched by humans at all.

Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat Islands population mostly fishermen. They live in a small village which is separated from other villages because of the different islands. Island communities are people who are friendly and kind. They want to receive guests from the outside with a cheerful heart. Raja Ampat Islands resident partly embraced Christianity, and some converted to Islam, but they remain in harmony despite different beliefs. My advice, take sweets and betel nut to be given to them because they consider the good is a sign of peace.
The name comes from the Raja Ampat local stories. According to the story, there was a woman who found seven pieces of eggs. The eggs then hatch, 4 of which hatches into a prince, while three other eggs hatch into a woman, a stone, and ghosts. 4 The prince later became kings in their respective islands, namely Pulau Misool, Waigeo Island, Batanta Island and Salawati Island and finally called as Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Islands
 have the potential of nature tourism that is extraordinary. Tourist attractions in West Papua is very famous for underwater travel is one of the best dive sites in the world because of the completeness and the diversity of its underwater flora and fauna. Based on the research results, the Raja Ampat Islands have 75% of all coral species in the world. There is no other place in the world that has a number of coral species that much in one location that is relatively small. With many coral species in Raja Ampat, automatically there are also many species of reef fish. In addition you can also meet with manta rays, dugongs, seahorses, fish barkuda, reef sharks, turtles, tuna, and others. The remnants of the second world war also can be found at the waters of Raja Ampat Islands, for example, the wreckage of war near the island Wai.

Raja Ampat resort

Generally, tourists who come to visit the Raja Ampat Islands are divers who mostly come from outside Indonesia. In addition to diving, for those who can not dive can also enjoy the beautiful beaches, cultural tours, see the prehistoric remains in the form of the hand stamp, see the festival nautical (usually in August), enjoy the natural scenery, enjoy the rural atmosphere, culinary, see birds of paradise , climb the cliff, and others.

pinisi ship Raja Ampat

You will be faced with two choices on when you want to enjoy nature Raja Ampat Islands. That choice is the choice to stay at a resort, or stay on a ship Phinisi modified. If my advice does better choose to use pinisi ship, because it's very usual to stay at the resort, while staying for a few days over a typical Indonesian boat will be a unique experience. To enjoy the Raja Ampat travel for 1 week using pinisi ship, you have to pay more than 100 million rupiah, and the ship can accommodate up to 14 people.

Raja Ampat diving

If you want to travel to the Raja Ampat Islands, is not enough just to reckless capital just as often do the backpacker. Traveled to the tourist attractions dubbed this underwater paradise requires a strong desire, an adventurous spirit, penchant for going diving, and sizable capital. If you expect the price of a trip to Raja Ampat Islands will go down in the near future, you should throw away your expectations because there are already regulations that limit the number of resorts and ships. It aims to maintain the natural conditions Raja Ampat Islands to none in the world. The high price also serves to filter visitors, so that only qualified and educated visitor who comes, so they will realize the importance of this location as one of the centers of flora and fauna of the most comprehensive in the world.